Steelers feel a way about Harrison's move to Patriots

The Steelers all-time sack leader was apparently "so despondent" with his role he refused to stand on the sidelines in road games.

Kahron Spearman

Many Pittsburgh Steelers players aren't pleased with the way James Harrison reportedly pushed himself off the team, or 'cut his self,' as center Maurkice Pouncey said recently. 

The Athletic's Mark Kaboly reports that Harrison perhaps had reason to "cut" himself, saying he "wasn't even an ancillary part of the team as he was inactive for nine games and played in only 40 snaps in the five games that he dressed."

He also reports that the Steelers all-time sack leader was "so despondent with his role that, according to a source, he refused to stand on the sidelines for road games against the Colts and Bengals."

Do you think the organization wanted to get rid of James Harrison? Nah. Let's be serious. Come on, man. If you don't want to be here just come out and say it. Don't make it look like it's the team's fault or the organization.

Maurkice Pouncey
Center, Pittsburgh Steelers

Linebacker Bud Dupree isn't having any of criticism being leveled against the team.

People going on in on coach Tomlin, saying the Steelers are stupid for cutting James Harrison, the Steelers are dumb, [Harrisons] gonna tell the whole if he tells the whole playbook, thats his fault," said Dupree to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. "I didnt see him in meetings, so I dont know if he knows the plays or not."