Richard Sherman reacts to being released by Seahawks

Sherman has an Achilles injury, and also turns 30 at the end of the month, putting him behind the 8-ball with teams, including Seattle.

Kahron Spearman

Per numerous media sources, the Seattle Seahawks will release cornerback Richard Sherman on Friday afternoon, immediately making the perennial Pro Bowler a free agent (h/t Bleacher Report.)

ESPN's Adam Schefter initially reported the move. 

The cornerback immediately responded to the decision, perhaps re-informing the soon-to-be-former team of his work, with a tweet showing the team's defensive production with him in the lineup.

(To ESPN's Josina Anderson) They are gonna let me explore free agency with the hope that I can return. They just wanted the financial flexibility.

Richard Sherman
Free Agent Cornerback

Sherman was going to count $13.2 million against the cap in the next season, a number that would scare away any team given Sherman's injury history. Seattle saves $11 million and swallows just $2.2 million in dead money - which made the decision a no-brainer from the front office's perspective, especially with no willing trade partners.

Sherman, who's still recovering from the dreaded Achilles tear, turns 30 at the end of the month. Showing a team he can still be a dominant corner, and have said team pay him to that standard, will be a tall task.


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