Pete Carroll responds to Richard Sherman's comments about the Seahawks

The forever-upbeat Seahawks head coach sounded unbothered in the Seattle Times interview, preferring to look at the newcomers.

Kahron Spearman

On the heels of defensive end Michael Bennett's trade to the Philadelphia Eagles, current San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman openly challenged the player evaluation and development coming out of his former team, Seattle Seahawks.

"I think they've kind of lost their way a little bit in terms of how they see players and how they evaluate players," Sherman declared on UNINTERRUPTED's The ThomaHawk Show podcast earlier this month.

Asked about the comments, Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times reports Carroll as unbothered by Sherman's assessment.

So what else is new? Sherm has been saying stuff his whole career, so this is nothing different. I've been through so much of what he has said, I take it all with a grain of salt. He's just battling. He's just trying to figure it out.

Pete Carroll
Head coach, Seattle Seahawks

Carroll remains incredibly, if not unusually, excited about the Seahawks' prospects - though they still have numerous holes, especially on the offensive line.

"There's no question, there's no question, I think more than ever," He said. "I am fired up about it, yeah. I'm fired up. We've been through all kinds of transitions (in past years). We've lost coaches, we've lost players, that's kind of what always happens. So every year you've got to kind of recapture it and all that. But I'm just a little bit more jacked. I think I'm maybe still pissed about the way we ended the season and didn't finish the way wanted to. I think that's fueling it as much as anything."