NFL: Quarterbacks returning from injuries.

Graphicle: A shortlist & analysis of QB's returning from injuries hoping to lead their franchises in the upcoming NFL season.

NFL Season '17

QBs recovering from injuries.

Andrew Luck

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts are treating Andrew Luck's injury with a disturbing amount of nonchalance. Put another way: Luck isn't throwing yet, and no one seems that concerned about the fact that he's not throwing. The Colts' season probably hinges on Luck throwing... The update from the team on Luck's health is hardly optimistic and encouraging, with GM Chris Ballard saying, "?."

Cam Newton

Carolina Panthers

Ron Rivera said he was very pleased with the velocity Newton had on the ball, but added there is room for improvement. "He was a little rusty early on and his timing was off a little bit, but it was practice one and you can see he was getting more and more comfortable back there," Rivera said.

Marcus Mariota

Tennessee Titans

"I feel great," Mariota told the team's website on Tuesday. "With camp starting on Friday I think my body is in good shape, and I can't wait to get it going." Mariota had surgery after fracturing his right fibula at Jacksonville in the second-to-last game last season. He spent much of the offseason rehabbing in Hawaii and Oregon and was a limited participant during the Titans' offseason workouts.

Derek Carr

Oakland Raiders

Carr is 100 percent healed and has long been a full participant in the off-season program and has been able to prepare for this season as if he ended the year fully healthy. “I had my wife and my kids tackle me to make sure it was good. That was a big part of it, can it take a hit?, Carr said in June. “Mentally, the hardest part was taking the first rep because the last rep you remember was like, Oh snap, I broke this thing. But as soon as the ball was snapped, it was a blessing. It kind of all went away.