Did Rob Gronkowski just tweet about retiring from the NFL?

It's evident that the All-Pro and future Hall of Fame tight end is seriously considering his options should he elect to retire from football.

Kahron Spearman

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski appears to be chewing a lot more than the contemplation of retirement, for Hollywood stardom and riches or a run at wrestling in the WWE.

In a recent tweet - whose words appear to be lifted out of a fortune cookie message generator - the perennial All-Pro has gone existential, digging deeper than we've known of Gronk to do.

Forseee your own future, control your own temptations, and your destiny will be not just be reached, it will just be starting.

I mean, what does that even mean? Where did he get that from?

Regardless, it's clear that the future Hall of Famer is seriously considering his options, to the point that many are already wondering what the Patriots could be thinking.

Could they actually trade Gronk? Is Gronk just looking for more financial protection?

Much could be learned about his future by the time we reach the NFL Draft.