Brady's MVP acceptance speech leaks

Grand Forks Herald writer Brad E. Schlossman spotted the careless New England staffer holding the speech uncovered and in plain sight.

Kahron Spearman

The NFL MVP will be handed out this Saturday at the NFL Honors ceremony in Minneapolis. It would appear one award is locked up.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady already has a speech prepared, per a Patriots employee, holding it in plain sight, captured by Grand Forks Herald writer Brad E. Schlossman.

During a media session on Thursday, Schlossman spotted the careless man, and he took a picture of the blunder.

Some have attempted to compare this preparation of an award acceptance speech to, let's say, the Oscars or an award for some other competition - which is pretty ridiculous.

Come on. Brady isn't "on location, and can't be with us tonight." He's in Minneapolis. Even if he didn't attend, which he likely won't, there are satellites and turnkey camera setups he can make videos for the presentation. 

If Brady has a speech, its because he probably knows he is winning the award.