Schefter says Patriots wanted to 'do right' by Jimmy Garoppolo, didn't trade him to Browns

The ESPN insider says the Cleveland Browns begged for the quarterback. Patriots head coach Bill Belichick - who was once fired by the Browns - had other plans

Kahron Spearman

As the New England Patriots realized they had to trade quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, there was one team aside from the San Francisco 49ers, their eventual trade partner, that begged for the then-backup's services: the Cleveland Browns.

However, ESPN's Adam Schefter recalled on the Murph & Mac show on KNBR that Patriots head coach Bill Belichick - who was once fired by the Browns - had other plans. 

In this particular case, New England came to the realization before it made any calls, Ok, unfortunately for us, as much as we want to keep Jimmy Garoppolo, we cant, Schefter said. (h/t to 49ers Web Zone)

We have to trade him, and weve got to trade him here in the next two days. Where do we want to trade him? I like John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan. I think theyre going to do right by Jimmy G. Lets call them.

Adam Schefter
NFL insider, ESPN

Schefter proceeded in deep detail, with a theory.

"I'm theorizing here, but that trade fell into their laps," Schefter continued. "And it fell into their laps, I believe, in large part because Bill Belichick and the Patriots organization had as much respect and good feeling for John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan as they did because the Cleveland Browns had been calling the Patriots last spring over and over. They tried apparently this fall and never got to first base with them. And then Monday morning, the day before the trade deadline (on) October 30, 49ers just sitting there, the Patriots call.

"(Patriots:) 'I think we're open to trading Jimmy G. You want him? Interested?' (49ers:) 'Yeah.' (Patriots:) 'Ok.'"