Bill Belichick sidesteps Brady injury questions

There's been no update from Brady, Belichick, or the team. However, there's some concern with Brady not practicing given its for another shot at the Super Bowl.

Kahron Spearman

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick veered away from directly answering questions related to quarterback Tom Brady's injured right hand Friday morning.

When asked about his level of concern about Brady's performance with the injury in Sunday's AFC Championship Game versus Jacksonville, the coach only offered, "I don't know. We'll see."

He was also asked if he regretted trading Jimmy Garoppolo, given Brady's injury, for which he has a blank stare and a terse response. 

(Asked if he regrets trading Garoppolo) "We're getting ready for Jacksonville."

Bill Belichick
Head coach, New England Patriots

Brady injured his hand in an accident in practice, and there's been growing speculation on the status of the injury, though he said to be ready to go for Sunday. 

Relating to Brady's non-involvement in Thursday's practice, Belichick said, "We're going to continue to get ready for Jacksonville all the way through until game time."

Later asked if Brady could be a game-time decision, Belichick said, "Today is Friday."

It's difficult to ascertain whether the Patriots are coy, but there isn't necessarily a reason to lie about a hand injury.