Tom Brady will be playing in 2018 season, confirms agent

After an ESPN report saying the New England Patriots quarterback hadn't made a decision on his future, agent Don Yee says Brady will play into his 40s.

Kahron Spearman

Despite ESPN's previous reports about New England Patriots quarterback's indecision about whether he would return to football, Tom Brady's agent Don Yee said on Monday that his client's commitment to the game is unwavering.


Moreover, he says Brady will likely continue playing into his mid-40s. 

Tom's intentions have not changed. He's consistently said he'll play beyond this contract and into his mid-40s, or until he feels he isn't playing at a championship level. I understand the constant speculation, but this is one point he's been firm about.

Don Yee
Brady's agent

Last week as Brady spent time with his family in Qatar multiple league sources stated they believed, with some uncertainty, that Brady would return for the 2018 season. 


One source estimated to ESPN that there was a "75 percent" chance that Brady would be back in uniform with the Patriots. It's believed that some tension with head coach Bill Belichick may be provide some impetus for the QB to be coy about his return.


It appears that Brady, who's still in deep training, is gearing up for another run.