NFL replaces Papa John's with Pizza Hut as the official Pizza sponsor of the NFL

Following recent comments made by the former CEO of Papa John's, the NFL has cut ties with Papa John's and has been replaced Pizza Hut.

Thomas Miller

The NFL has officially cut ties with long-time partner Papa John's and has replaced the company with rival pizza company Pizza Hut. Tension began to rise once Papa John's Founder John Schnatter made comments bashing the league last November for the league's lack of response to the player's national anthem protest. John Schnatter stepped down from his role as CEO as of January 1st.

The NFL has been a long and valued partner over the years. But we're certainly disappointed that the NFL and its leadership did not resolve the ongoing situation to the satisfaction of all parties long ago

John Schnatter
Founder, Papa John's

Although Papa John's will remain involved with individual teams and players, losing the title of 'the official pizza sponsor of the NFL' is a big blow to the company. Terry Lefton from is reporting that Papa John's rival, Pizza Hut, will take over as the official pizza sponsor of the NFL.