Joel Embiid to the Carolina Panthers?

Embiid is looking into, perhaps, following his 'guy' Michael Rubin, the owner of sports apparel retailer Fanatics, if he were to buy the Charlotte-based franchise.

Kahron Spearman

According to ESPN's sports business analyst Darren Rovell, Michael Rubin, the owner of sports apparel retailer Fanatics, is in hot pursuit of the Carolina Panthers franchise. 

If approved to purchase the club, he would be forced to "sell his stakes in the 76ers, Devils and Crystal Palace, per NFL rules."

However, Sixer center Joel Embiid isn't ready to quit Rubin - an area favorite with fans and business leaders - and has offered his services as a receiver, via a tweet to quarterback Cam Newton.

Aye that's my guy so looks like I might have to switch sports @CameronNewton you need a wide receiver?

Joel Embiid
Center, Philadelphia 76ers

Newton answered back in some letter/emoji hybrid, translated as "Boy, we always can get better," or in other words, "Come through, Joel. We can always use a big target in the end zone."

On a serious note, Newton looks to improve his game under the tutelage of new offensive coordinator Norv Turner, with further improvements on his technique and throwing accuracy. With trusted tight end Greg Olsen already in uniform, an improved Newton may not need another big target after all.