J.J. Watt cooks woman on Twitter for questioning hurricane relief efforts

The All-Pro defensive end didn't take a comment from an erotic cakemaker too kindly, but found a way to pivot back to the work and the hurricane victims he's assisting.

Kahron Spearman

Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt was honored with the Laureus Sporting Inspiration Award in Monaco on Tuesday.

Questioning Watt's work, the woman who runs a Houston-area erotic cake business Adult Cakes by Kim replied to a tweet from the Texans PR account after posting that Watt won for his Harvey fundraising efforts. 

"But do we know where any of the money went, because I can't find one person that got any help from the JJ Watt foundation for Hurricane Harvey and I know JJ's a great man," she said.

The defensive end wasn't having any of it.

Post about the work you do: quit bragging!!

Dont post about the work you do: youre not doing enough!!

Build a life you are proud of and enjoy every second of it you can. Lifes too short to let negativity bring you down!!!

J.J. Watt
Defensive end, Houston Texans

Just minutes later, the All-Pro end responded to Kim, stating he and his Harvey relief foundation were doing what they could, and for her to be understanding of the scope and population.

"There are 2.3 million people in Houston alone, Kim. I apologize that we aren't able to reach every single person, it's simply not possible. We've rebuilt homes & day cares, provided food & medical care and our work is far from finished! I promise we're doing the best we can!!!"