Giants asking for at least two first-round draft picks in exchange for Odell Beckham Jr: report

With the Rams already in pursuit of Beckham, and other teams in need of an All-Pro at receiver, New York may have their price met.

Kahron Spearman

An NFL source tells ESPN's Adam Schefter that, even though the New Giants are saying they aren't looking to trade star receiver Odell Beckham, the team has set two first-round picks as the benchmark for a deal.

On Tuesday at the owners' meetings, general manager Dave Gettleman addressed the growing speculation on possible trades, and repeatedly said: "You don't quit on talent." However, it's implied that the Giants would move if the deal is right. 

Neither Odell nor his agent have contacted us regarding either report. So to be clear: I'm not going to respond to questions about either report, and as I stated earlier, every decision I make is going to be in the best interest of the New York football Giants.

Per ESPN, Giants co-owner John Mara later stated Beckham wasn't "on the block." 

"Is that going to stop clubs from possibly calling us? No," Mara continued. "But he's not on the block. We're not shopping him around. I don't want him to be traded. I want him to be a Giant. I can't say it's a 100 percent guarantee it will happen. Can't say that about any player."

Per the New York Daily News, the Los Angeles Rams are said to be pursuing Beckham, with other teams gauging the situation.