Former NFL star Aldon Smith shows up to sherriff's office with .40 BAC

It would appear evident that the former Niners and Raiders linebacker has a severe and escalating issue with alcohol abuse.

Kahron Spearman

Former NFL linebacker Aldon Smith was found with a blood alcohol content of .40 when he arrived at the San Francisco Sheriff's Department last week, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. 


What's more alarming is that prosecutors said he had appeared last week for a fitting with GPS and alcohol-testing ankle monitors. His BAC level is more than five times the legal limit in California.

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According to, a .40 "is life-threatening" and "could put you in a coma." San Francisco Assistant District Attorney Courtney Burris stated the incident was "evidence of a severe alcohol issue." 


According to Deadspin, online records show Smith is in custody on a $500,000 bail. 


Smith was charged Friday with violating a condition of his electronic monitoring while on bail, and arraigned on three charges of violating a protective order.