See the moment Baker Mayfield finds out he’s the number one pick

The former Oklahoma Sooners quarterback had a magical day, from recreating a moment from his idol, being drafted No. 1 overall, and even being on Jimmy Kimmel's show.

Kahron Spearman

While most players elect to partake in the NFL draft at the venue, some choose a more comfortable setting, like being at home around loved ones during a time of immense stress.

Baker Mayfield went this route, sitting with family and friends, as he posted his elation (or relief) of being called by Browns GM John Dorsey, and his subsequent selection of the No. 1 overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft

Hes got feet to extend the play. Really good accuracy, quick release. He has a strong arm. His efficiency in the red zone offense, its uncanny. Hes hungry. He wants to be a really good football player.

John Dorsey
General manager, Cleveand Browns

Before the draft, Mayfield even took some liberties in recreating an iconic photo of (second round pick to the Atlanta Falcons) Brett Favre on the phone with his new team, while wearing then-fashionable jorts.

Favre apparently approved, wishing Mayfield well on Twitter: "Good luck tonight.and remember to send my Jorts back tomorrow."