Son of Cowboys' legend Erik Williams arrested in double murder case

The son of Dallas Cowboys' legend Erik Williams is facing serious criminal charges and could get the death penalty.

Brittany King

Cassius Shakembe Williams, the son of Dallas Cowboys' legend Erik Williams, has been arrested in connection with a double murder in Texas, according to TMZ.


The 20-year-old, along with another man, have been arrested and each charged with two counts of capital murder in the shooting deaths of two men in Mesquite, TX on June 12, the outlet reports. 

Before the car wreck, [Erik] was the best offensive lineman in the NFL. I thought he was on a path to Canton.

Officials say the victims were attempting to drugs to Williams and his friend, when the buyers pulled out guns and demanded they hand over the weed, according to Dallas News. It was then shots were fired and both dealers were dead.


In Texas, capital murder is necessarily the same as 1st-degree murder, and if the pair is convicted, they could face the death penalty.