Former Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant is not getting much interest from other teams: report

Aside from his decision to decline the Ravens deal, Dez Bryant's other decision to wait until after the 2018 NFL Draft to sign with a team has to be seen as a miscalculated and unnecessary risk.

Kahron Spearman

Free-agent wide receiver Dez Bryant is reportedly not getting the offers he's anticipated after the Dallas Cowboys cut him last month.


ESPN's Adam Schefter said as much on 'NFL Live': "Eventually Dez Bryant will find work. But it's not going to be, I would imagine, anywhere near the contract that many thought he would get."


Per multiple reports, many teams aren't even ready to give Bryant the veteran minimum.

Jerry Jones, he loved me to death and I loved him too. I honestly believe in my heart that this was a hard decision for him. But when it's five, six guys at a table against one guy, you got to do it... It was an unfair situation because if they wanted to get rid of me, they could have told me that. ... I would have respected it.

Dez Bryant
Free agent wide receiver

It was previously reported that Bryant had turned down a three-year deal worth approximately $21 million from the Baltimore Ravens. However, Bryant had a desire to play on a team that would play the Cowboys twice a year, which would include NFC East teams.


However, the drop in production, as well as negative perceptions as a teammate are making him radioactive.

Also hurting Bryant in what was a miscalculated risk in immediate hindsight was his decision to wait until after the 2018 NFL Draft to sign with a team.


Some teams that could've used Bryant before, now have younger legs and better hands at receiver, there's no reason to take a chance on an aging player who could blow up your locker room.