Cowboys' David Irving has Twitter hacked by girlfriend who claims he physically abused her & failed drug test

Frisco police are investigating David Irving for possible domestic abuse with the spill out of tweets attributed to his account.

Kahron Spearman

Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman David Irving has denied allegations of domestic violence and failed drug tests leveled on him by his girlfriend on Monday when his girlfriend Angela Sanchez hacked his Twitter account, as well as his email, according to Bleacher Report.


The tweets have since been deleted, but media outlets have posted screenshots of the series of troubling tweets.


Though Frisco-area police are still investigating the possible domestic violence, Sanchez made a statement saying a heated argument caused her to write those tweets.

I was very upset and made some allegations that were false...David did not put his hands on me at any time.

Apparently, per Irving in another post, he says this has happened before.


"As y'all can clearly see. She has her hair lol. She did this exact same thing at Iowa State," Irving wrote later of Sanchez. "I call the cops , but being dark , and we'll huge , I'm always the one who's in trouble . She's a [MMA] fighter , bad attitude , and she uses my position against me."