Cleveland Browns are redesigning their uniforms

Social media is already showing to new possibilities in design, but many are requesting the Browns go back to the uniforms from the days of legendary back Jim Brown.

Kahron Spearman

Per ESPN Cleveland's Tony Rizzo on his daily radio show on Wednesday, the Cleveland Browns have already begun the process of producing new uniforms, says ESPN Cleveland's Jordan Zirm on Twitter (h/t

The current set was revealed in 2015, to an instantly mixed reception. Owner Dee Haslam says there's more of a functional issue with the current jersey sets that's driving the change.

We have a little trouble with our numbers. They're too tight, they can't get them on. We've been struggling with that, so it's really more mechanical. So we always have to take a look at it. You don't realize when you do the uniforms, you have to think about the fabric and how it stretches, so there's issues there that we'll constantly take a look at because we want the players to be comfortable and move well, so it's nothing really. But we're the Cleveland Browns and we stand for a certain thing and I can't imagine us doing anything too crazy.

There's no indication of whether the alteration will be a "complete redesign or just an adjustment to their current look," writes Dan Labbe of 

And the current uniforms will be around for at least a couple more seasons, as any uniform changes can't occur until 2020. 

Designs are already popping up, with many posting that the Browns should go back to their O.G look, shown in various photos of franchise great Jim Brown.