Johnny Manziel throws shade at Browns

In an eyebrow-raising and honest conversation on "The Dan Patrick Show," Johnny Manziel told the host that Cleveland should've committed to investigating his work habits before the franchise drafted him.

Kahron Spearman

Johnny Manziel's #ComebackSZN tour took an interesting turn on Wednesday, during an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show.


In one segment, Patrick asked the former first-round pick of the Cleveland Browns what he would change about his rookie season if he could go back in time, and it immediately went into a dangerous place for Manziel. 


Though the 25-year-old would say that he was ultimately at fault for his public downfall, his other comments may raise the eyebrows of prospective teams.

Something else Manziel said could give pause to any quarterback drafted by the Browns: "Nobody was there, like helping me go over the X's and O's, and it was hard. I struggled."


Given the Browns' history with quarterbacks, this sounds about right. 


Manziel's blame of the Browns' lack of investigation into his work habits is laughable, however, considering first-round selections at the most important position in football are implicitly expected to, genuinely care about their profession.

If Cleveland did any of their homework they would have known I wasnt a guy who came in every day and watched film. I wasnt a guy who really knew the Xs and Os of football.

Johnny Manziel
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