Baker Mayfield: serious conversations surrounding QB as Browns' no. 1 pick

Though picking Baker Mayfield as the number one overall wouldn't necessarily be a bad move, the Browns haven't necessarily decided if they're sufficiently interested in the Oklahoma quarterback — yet.

Kahron Spearman

Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Baker Mayfield is reportedly among the prospects the Cleveland Browns are contemplating taking for their No. 1 overall pick in the 2018 NFL draft.


One unnamed NFL executive stated that Mayfield was "definitely" in the conversation for Cleveland at No. 1 overall, according to ESPN. 

The Browns are looking for a franchise quarterback, and are almost guaranteed to select either Mayfield, Wyoming's Josh Allen, UCLA's Josh Rosen, or Southern Cal's Sam Darnold.


This could be smoke and mirrors, as Mayfield could still be on the board at No. 4. However, the New York Giants and New York Jets at No. 2 and No. 3, respectively, also need to fill out their roster with a quarterback of the future. 

The only thing I care about is, do guys win? Does he have accuracy? Does he have a strong arm? Can he throw the ball in the red zone in tight windows? Can he drive the ball? At the end of the game, does he win? That's what I look for.

John Dorsey
Browns general manager

Mayfield isn't an overly physical specimen at 6'2" and 215 pounds, but was highly productive and is the reigning Heisman Trophy winner. Ideas of "upside" and projections aside, he rated out at the best player at his position in the class.


He completed 70.5 percent of his passes for 4,627 yards, 43 touchdowns, and six interceptions, as a senior at Oklahoma.