Jarvis Landry claims the Browns could win the Super Bowl

After acquiring a handful of talent in the off-season, Browns wide receiver Jarvis Landry is claiming Cleveland has a legitimate shot at the Super Bowl.

Tom Miller

According to Sports Illustrated, Jarvis Landry has high hopes for the Browns this season and went as far as making some bold predictions. Landry claimed opponents will be lucky if the Browns don't score 40 points while also pegging the Browns as a Super Bowl contender. This is seen as a stretch considering the Browns struggled to win a game last season.


You'll be lucky if we don't score 40 on you. If we get everyone playing to their potential, we can win the Super Bowl this year.

Jarvis Landry
WR, Cleveland Browns

Although the claims are a little farfetched, the Browns acquired a plethora of talent this off-season including the number one overall pick, Baker Mayfield. The Browns also acquired Carlos Hyde, who was extremely productive in a decaying San Francisco offense the past two seasons, and he will be expected to carry the workload in the backfield this season for the Browns. Opposing secondaries will have to gameplan for a surplus of talent as Jarvis Landry, Corey Coleman, and Josh Gordon round out the receiving corps. Although the Browns might not be Super Bowl contenders yet, opposing defenses shouldn't take the Browns offense lightly.