Week 5: Green Bay Packers @ Dallas Cowboys

In a fourth quarter scoring battle, ultimately the Cowboys could not hand on to the lead and Aaron Rodgers clinched the win with just 1:30 on the clock.

Green Bay



AT&T Stadium Arlington,TX
10.8.2017 3:25 CDT

35 31

221 YDS

Aaron Rodgers

251 YDS

Dak Prescott

125/19 YDS|CAR

Aaron Jones

116/29 YDS|CAR

Ezekiel Elliott


Damarious Randall

61/8 YDS|REC

Jason Witten

In a game far from lacking in scoring drives and lead changes, the Cowboys could not pull out win despite a 20 point fourth quarter. The Packers victory was first set up by a massive defensive upset with Damarious Randall's pick-six interception on Dak Prescott. Ultimately, the game was decided when Aaron Rodgers orchestrated a comeback score, both rushing and passing for the win.