Week 3: Dallas Cowboys @ Arizona Cardinals

The Cowboys will trot out in Arizona to face the Cardinals today, after coming off a disappointing Week 2 loss against the Denver Broncos.




University of Phoenix Stadium Glendale, AR
09.25.2017 7:30PM CDT

506 Pass Yds

Dak Prescott

600 Pass Yds

Carson Palmer

33 Carries

Ezekiel Elliot

14 Carries

Kerwynn Williams

156 Rec Yds

Jason Wittem

163 Rec Yards

J.J. Nelson

The Cowboys will trot out in Arizona to face the Cardinals today after coming off a disappointing week 2 loss to the Broncos. Larry Fitzgerald recently spoke out on Zeke and Das struggling last week, so the match-up comes with a bit of tension. Will the Cowboys be able to rebound, or will the Cardinals get a win for the second straight week?


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