Marshawn Lynch hilariously introduces elderly people to the new 'Sweet Heat' spicy Skittles

You've might have heard that NFL star Marshawn Lynch is obsessed with Skittles. The famous candy company has returned the love by making Lynch a spokesman.

Brittany King

Marshawn Lynch's love for Skittles knows no bounds. 


The NFL star's habit of munching Skittles on the sideline became a national obsession during his time with the Seahawks when TV cameras caught him doing just that during back-to-back games against the Philadelphia Eagles and St. Louis Rams back in December. Now, the company has tapped the NFL star for a hilarious new ad.

It really took off in college, when they gave me a pack of Skittles on the sideline at Cal. But it didnt blow up the way it has like this.

Marshawn Lynch

"Skittles Sweet Heat is the perfect balance of sweet and heat, which is why we asked Marshawn Lynch, Skittles' biggest fan, to spice things up and introduce our newest innovation to a sweet senior living community," the company's statement read.


The video showcases Lynch heading out to a retirement home to introduce old people to the bold new flavor to get their opinion. Watch the hilarious ad in full below!