Kevin Hart shares hilarious behind-the-scenes video of him pounding drinks at the Super Bowl

Kevin Hart had a little too much to drink, but he has a good sense of humor about it. He shares a video of how many drinks he really had.

Emily Treadgold

It's pretty clear that Kevin Hart had a little too much to drink at the SuperBowl, but it's okay because he was celebrating and having a good time. He dropped the f-bomb on television during an interview and then went on a rant about how he had too much to drink later on social media. In a new video, he details just how many drinks he had.

All I can do is laugh.We had a blast yesterday at the game. I treated my entire team to the Superbowl P.S me in the huddle with the players might be the funniest (expletive) ever..I still cant believe we won the Superbowl.Im so damn happy for my city!!!!!!!

Kevin Hart