See Kevin Hart drunkenly get kicked off NFL network and denied to the Super Bowl stage celebration

Kevin Hart had a little too much to drink at the Super Bowl this year, he made a lot of comments after the game and was walked off.

Emily Treadgold

Kevin Hart is a pretty big Eagles fan, and he celebrated with quite a few drinks. During an interview after the game, he dropped some harsh language on live television. It was all in good spirits as he was laughing along with the hosts. After he dropped the f-bomb he looked shocked, put his mic down and apologetically walked off. 

When alcohols in your system you do dumb stuff, me trying to go on stage with the trophy definitely in the top two stupidest things I've ever done but who cares? The Eagles won the Super Bowl, yeah I'm still a little tipsy but the world can kiss my ass.

Kevin Hart

Hart later ranted in an Instagram story that he maybe started celebrating a little early, and apparently lost his socks somehow. He also warned kids not to drink and said it was one of the stupidest things he had done, but was excited about the big win nonetheless.