Johnny Manziel finishes Spring league by scoring 2 touchdowns: so what's next?

The former Browns quarterback did thrown an interception and could've helped himself on a few throws, but showed his burst on a few plays including a 14-yard TD run.

Kahron Spearman

Free agent quarterback Johnny Manziel closed out his Spring League turn with a bang, potentially setting himself up to find himself signed by an NFL team.


Manziel went 10-of-16 for 188 yards and an interception on Thursday night, including 8-of-10 for 145 yards in the first half. Manziel showed some quick moves with his 27 rushing yards on six attempts and two touchdowns.

I'm straight back to working out and doing what I did when I came here. Everything else will sort itself out. I'm trying to do what I can do to come back to playing football whatever capacity that is. We know when deadlines are. We have another month or so to work out and not worry about anything.

Johnny Manziel

One of Manziel's best sequence came when he threw a 50-yard sideline pass to Antwan Gooley in the first quarter. He ran the ball in for a 14-yard touchdown on the next play.


"It's been beyond my wildest dreams," he said after the game, per ESPN. "There was a time there I didn't know if I would actually do it. ... I'm extremely happy just to be healthy, just to get to throw the ball around. I've missed this."