Jerry Rice turns professional wedding crasher.

Former San Francisco Forty-Niner Jerry Rice has a new hobby. The Hall-Of-Fame wide receiver has recently been crashing weddings in California in his free time.

Thomas Miller

It has long been a question of what former NFL players do with their time to stay occupied once retired. Recently, it was revealed NFL Hall-Of-Famer Jerry Rice has taken to wedding crashing to keep him busy. Rice that the hobby began somewhere around 2006 after retiring, and is now crashing on average one wedding per weekend.

Although he has received mixed reactions, most wedding parties welcome him with open arms. The hobby started after Rice began routinely playing golf at venues that hosted weddings. He went on to say that he pretty much knows the schedule now and always drops by to congratulate everyone on their big day.

It only takes one person in the room who recognizes me for everything to click. Im a little hesitant because I never know whats going to happen when I walk into the wedding. But usually theres one person who says, Oh my god, and I come over and start taking pictures.

At age 54, it is evident that Rice still has plenty of energy left in his tank. After performing on Dancing With The Stars, Rice has all the moves to get the party started.