Did Zeke 'quit' on his team?

A number of analysts and NFL pundits are calling Zeke out for "quitting on the team" in their loss in Week 2 against the Broncos.

Mitch Chokas

A number of analysts and NFL pundits are calling Zeke out for "quitting on the team". Jason Garrett, the Cowboys head coach, addressed the issue in a press conference after, citing the two interceptions plays where Elliott is seen standing by. Zeke is a stellar athlete, but his off-field antics and the drama that has followed may be weighing on his conscious. While its no stellar excuse, the public and the pundits must consider that the young athlete is only twenty-two. Hes going to have growing pains and bad games, but if Zeke is the real deal hell take this experience and use it as an opportunity to grow.


"Zeke is one of the most natural competitors Ive ever been around. He loves to play. He loves to practice. I think weve seen that through his first year playing. Those two plays were not indicative of the kind of competitor that he was and we have to get that addressed."

Jason Garrett
Dallas Cowboys, Head Coach


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