Don La Greca explodes over 'stats nerds.'

New York radio host, Don La Greca, snapped again, this time in a rant against sabermetrics and the New York Giants offensive line.

Mitch Chokas

This is embarrassing...NY radio host Don La Greca has lost it. His target? the New York Giants offense. La Greca went on a tirade about the 40 years watching the dismal performance of the Giants O-line, as evidenced by the video below from the Giants game against Detroit Lions.

His main problem is the "Pythagorean Theorem," which according to my knowledge of geometry, states that the square of a right triangle's hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the triangle's other two sides. The implications of the theorem to Manning's QBR are unclear. La Greca may be referring to Pythagorean wins expectation, an advanced metric that uses point differentials to measure a team independent of their win-loss record. Bottom line, La Greca doesn't have time for your numbers NERRRDS!


The offensive line sucks. PERIOD! That's my stat. You want a stat? You want sabermetrics? The offensive line stinks. PERIOD.

Don La Greca
Reporter, ESPN