Is Dak Prescott a flash in the pan?

Graphicle: Is Dak Prescott the victim of the love/hate relationship NFL fans or are the Cowboys the beneficiaries of Prescotts insane talents?


When it comes to the Cowboys, the perennial question is: Where does truth end and where does hype begin? Is Dak Prescott the victim of the love/hate relationship NFL fans have with Americas Team or are the Cowboys the beneficiaries of Prescotts insane talents (and a little draft luck)?


Dak Prescott

QB  Dallas Cowboys

68 CMP%

23 TDS


1 Pro Bowl

Admittedly, Prescott fever gripped the NFL until he was overshadowed by Bradys Super Bowl miracle, but as the preseason approaches, Prescott finds himself in the thick of controversy through no fault of his own - making it into to the NFL top 100 list. This is tantamount to a crime for any non-Cowboys fan. Frank Schwarz over at Yahoo Sports argues that Prescott, while talented, is getting heaps of accolades because he found himself in the right place at the right time -- a young talent, playing behind an amazing (but already in place) offensive line, and supported by the should-have-been Offensive Rookie Player of the Year, Ezekiel Elliot.

Hes got all the athleticism to extend plays when he needs to and hes throwing the ball on time really well.

Aaron Rodgers
to 24/7 Sports

Whereas a Tom Brady leads a team, it seems Prescott is led by a team. No doubt being on the Cowboys means great things for young Dak, but it also means putting up with scrutiny from all sides. It will always be maddening for Cowboy detractors and there are many of them to see a rookie Cowboys quarterback climb into the rarified air of the NFL top 20. Schwab argues that Prescott would not have made this list had he played for the Eagles or the Rams. But one could also say that had Prescott played for any other team, he wouldnt be under this kind of scrutiny. Only the Autumn will tell.


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