UCF trolls Alabama with billboard

Thirty-seven Central Florida fans raised $1,665 on a GoFundMe page that paid for a digital billboard ad, asking for a home and home series with the CFP national champion.

Kahron Spearman

Fans of self-crowned national champion UCF bought a billboard advertisement in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, congratulating Alabama for winning the national championship on Monday. 

They also asked if the newly crowned College Football Playoff champion would play them.

Thirty-seven fans raised $1,665 on a GoFundMe page that paid for the digital billboard ad, reading: "Congratulations Alabama. How about a home & home series with UCF?"

We felt like this year's team could run with anyone in the country, and the Peach Bowl win [over Auburn] proved that. All we needed was a chance to play harder opponents.

To be fair, Central Florida and its fans aren't asking for a one-off for a be-all, end-all national championship.

By asking to get themselves onto the Crimson Tide's schedule, they are, however, calling out the hypocrisy in Power 5 fanbases who trumpet the greatness of teams who routinely play weak non-conference schedules.