Alabama player tries to fight coach

Although Alabama would eventually win their fifth national title in nine years, linebacker Mehki Brown set the team back late in the third quarter.

Kahron Spearman

Alabama reigns as the national champion, for the fifth time in nine years.

However, the path through Georgia wasn't easy, and one player could've undercut their chances with his behavior. 

After cutting the lead to 20-10 in a wild third quarter, linebacker Mekhi Brown struck a Georgia player in the face on the ensuing kickoff, earning an unsportsmanlike conduct flag.

On the sideline, he was chewed out by head coach Nick Saban, but then another coach said something Brown didn't appreciate and the player would strike the unnamed coach.

We knew it would be a hard game. ... If you can't overcome hard, you're never going to have any great victories in your life.

However, Brown would redeem himself in the fourth quarter, after making an excellent one-armed tackle on another kickoff.

The hit would pin Georgia back on their own 14-yard line, and they eventually went three-and-out. It wasn't the biggest play, but one that kept the growing pressure on Georgia's offense.