Bill Belichick 'sees an opening' to coach Giants, per source

Lateral front office moves aren't allowed, so the Giants would have to offer compensation to the Pats for Belichick's services, preferably a draft pick.

Kahron Spearman

On the heels of an explosive ESPN report detailing the rifts between New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, coach Bill Belichick, and owner Robert Kraft, there's another New York Daily News report where an unnamed source claims that Belichick may be interested in the New York Giants opening.

Offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels is currently the favorite for the Giants position, and would likely be the leader in the house should Belichick walk away.

Im sure Bill knows this is his last chance to be the Giants coach. Bill sees an opening an opening to get to the Giants.

Unnamed Source
to New York Daily News

Defensive coordinator Matt Patricia is likely on the move to Detroit, which could leave Belichick without either of his trusted coordinators, further hastening an exit from New England.

One significant piece of the puzzle are the details of Belichick's contract and if the Giants have anything the Patriots want. Because lateral front office moves aren't allowed, the Giants must offer compensation for Belichick's services.