Should Dalton be worried?

Its been rumored that Kaepernicks name has come up in the Cincinnati locker room. That kind of talk in Cincinnati being interested in signing another QB only means Dalton is in trouble.

Emily Treadgold

Its been rumored that Kaepernicks name has come up in the Cincinnati locker room. Though the player is controversial, there is a lot of talk that Cincinnati would be interested in signing him. Basically, Dalton is in trouble. Theres a belief that the Dalton-Lewis pairing was coming to an end and that might be sooner rather than later.

The Bengals might be forced to bench Dalton and its unlikely theyd keep Lewis if the Bengals fail to make postseason again. Dalton has not been improving dramatically and hes done nothing so far this season to demonstrate he can turn his play around. The players are still backing him though, publicly at least.

"I don't read anything. There's no reason to read anything because it doesn't mean anything. People can come up with a headline all they want, but all that matters is what's being said in this organization, on this team and what happens in this locker room."

The Bengals need to make some kind of huge move, whether its taking a chance on Kaepernick or sticking it out with Dalton, but they need to do something dramatic if they want to.


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