Aaron Hernandez suffered from CTE.

An examination completed by Dr. Ann McKee of the VA Boston Healthcare System found that Aaron Hernandez had extreme C.T.E. damage

Mitch Chokas

C.T.E., or chronic traumatic encephalopathy, has been found in more than 100 former NFL players, some of whom committed suicide, according to researchers at Boston University. Former New England Patriots tight end, convicted murderer, Aaron Hernandez was 27 when he committed suicide from his jail cell. An examination completed by Dr. Ann McKee, chief of neuropathology at the VA Boston Healthcare System found that he had extreme C.T.E. damage, similar to NFL players in their 60's.

The discovery of C.T.E. adds an interesting turn in Hernandezs meteoric rise and fall. Often marked by problems with controlling aggression and impulses, and some degree of dementia, as well as mood swings, lapses in judgment and a disorganized manner. He was signed by the Patriots in 2010.


Early brain atrophy, large perforations in the septum pellucidum are classic features of C.T.E. in the brain

Dr. Ann McKee
Chief of neuropathology, VA Boston Healthcare System

Mr. Hernandezs estate filed a federal lawsuit on Thursday against the N.F.L. and the Patriots seeking damages to compensate his 4-year-old daughter for the loss of her father. The suit alleges that the league and the team knew that repeated head hits could lead to brain disease, yet did not do enough to protect Mr. Hernandez from those hits.