Whitney Houston goes in on Paula Abdul in new documentary trailer: She 'ain't sh-t'

The new trailer for "Whitney," an upcoming documentary about the late pop icon has dropped, and it's feisty yet heartbreaking.



In a newly released trailer for the film, Whitney, set to hit theaters on July 6, Houston is seen venting to her mother in a backstage scene about the pressures of fame and stardum. It was then that she goes on to shade fellow pop singer Paula Abdul, "One thingPaula Abdul ain't shit. That girl is singing off-key on the record."

There were times when I'd look up to God and I'd go, 'Why is this happening to me?

The trailer also touches on her turbulent drug addiction and her relationship with former husband Bobby Brown. "Bobby was jealous," an interviewee recalls over the footage. "He wanted to be on the stage; he wanted to be [at] the forefront. And eventually, she stepped down to lift him up."