A bloody new 'The Predator' trailer shows aliens coming again to conquer the earth — watch

The new version of "The Predator" has more aliens and a gruesome new trailer.



The all-new Predator is quite fearsome. Twentieth Century FOx showed off their new version of The Predator, directed by Shane Black. The movie will star Sterling K. Brown, Olivia Munn, and Boyd Holbrook.


In the trailer, a ship that was carrying the universes best hunters crashes on earth and a young boy triggers the return of the creatures.


The creatures somehow have DNA from other species and are genetically more advances. Now, the ex-soldiers and one science teacher have the task of saving humanity. The new trailer is pretty graphic and gruesome. The new Ultimate Predator could devour the regular Predator easily.

I guess it was a reaction against perfection, and the Predator going up against a perfect specimen all the time. And that being solely based on physical appearance and muscles. And I thought, 'Well, maybe misfits.' Maybe theres a version in which misfits play more of a role, and maybe theres even a sense that The Predator himself is even an outcast. So we were trying to find thematic elements that work for us.