New trailer for 'Jungle Book's dark adaptation with Christian Bale drops — watch 'Mowgli'

The first trailer for Andy Serkis' upcoming film "Mowgli" teases a much scarier "Jungle Book" tale than we're used to.



The first trailer for Andy Serkis' upcoming film Mowgli paints a darker version of iconic The Jungle Book than audiences, who are familiar with the Disney movie, will remember. Its not the lovable tale of a young  orphan boy happily wondering around the jungle with his loyal animal pals and his dear friend, a giant bear. Instead, it's a scary, gruesome and downright terrifying story about living in the untamed jungle. Sorry, there's no singing. 

I'm not a man, but neither am I a wolf.

Wild. Child. #Mowgli only in theaters October 19.

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"I think that there is an appetite for darker, or should I say more emotionally powerful or resonant metaphor-driven storytelling. For instance, Planet of the Apes," Serkis told i09. "Where theres a seriousness about them, and were not tipping a nod to the audience that everythings going to be okay. I think we live in such a world that is fraught with danger and fraught with changes, and I think its... alongside the big tentpole movies that are lighter and more tentpole-driven, I think there is definitely room for looking at the human condition through a prism which is slightly more serious."Mowgli stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Cate Blanchett, Christian Bale, Naomie Harris and Serkis himself, and will be released on Oct. 19.