Mark Wahlberg is a badass in first 'Mile 22' trailer — watch

Mark Wahlberg is a talented CIA operative in Peter Berg’s brand-new action thriller that could be the sleeper hit of this summer's scheduled rundown. However, the film started out as a Ronda Rousey vehicle.

Kahron Spearman

STX Films has released the anticipated trailer for upcoming CIA action-thriller, Mile 22, coming from Lone Survivor and Deepwater Horizon filmmaker Peter Berg. 


The film stars Mark Wahlberg as an operative from the CIAs most talented tactical unit. His character, James Silva, assigned with a retrieval and transport mission of an asset through 22 miles of treacherous territory.


Mile 22 will release on August 3. Iko Uwais, Ronda Rousey, Lauren Cohan and John Malkovich also star.

It allows Ronda to do everything she can and should do without having to carry any undue acting weight.

Adam Fogelson
Chairman, STX Entertainment

What's interesting about the film is that it was initially supposed to be a vehicle for former UFC champion and current WWE star Rousey, per a New Yorker profile. However, after her middling performance in the seventh edition of the Fast and Furious franchise, they didn't believe she could carry a film.


STX quickly decided the film needed a low-risk, high-leverage star that would be willing to cede tremendous latitude for Rousey's ascendence. Will Smith turned it down. Wahlberg, after a rewrite and recentering of the central role to his character, signed on for the part as Silva.