See the new 'Incredibles 2' trailer: there's a new villain in town

The new trailer for "Incredibles 2" has just landed and we see a big change in the family dynamic for these superheroes.



Mr. Incredible is more like Mr. Dad! The new trailer for "Incredibles 2" dropped on Friday, April 13, and gives fans a sneak peek at the highly-anticipated upcoming Disney and Pixar movie. It appears that the family's dynamic has shifted as Elastigirl is recruited to lead a campaign to bring the Supers back, leaving Mr. Incredible to handle the cooking, cleaning and kids.

You know what's crazy, right? To help my family I have to leave it. To fix the law I have to break it.

Elastigirl: Holly Hunter
In The Trailer

To say that Bob is overwhelmed is an understatement. That's not all. Violet is suffering from "adolescence," according to her brother Dash and baby Jack-Jack is more powerful than ever. Oh, yeah, did we mention there's a new villain in town? Watch the chaos unfold in the new trailer above! ]