'Happytime Murders' red-band trailer: watch Melissa McCarthy snort ecstasy with sex-crazed puppets

Melissa McCarthy stars in an adult puppet movie about a series of murders in the puppet-human world.



Brian Henson, the son of Jim Henson the creator of The Muppet Christmas Carol, is now behind the camera with an adult puppet movie.


The Happytime Murders stars Melissa McCarthy; she plays the lead detective in human and puppet world. When puppets start getting murdered, she has to join forces with a sex-crazed, alcoholic puppet. Like most cop movies, the two don't get along together but have to team up to solve the crime.

Hey handsome, looking for some rotten cotton?

The Happytime Murders

McCarthys character has to deal with puppets in a drug-fueled world. In the trailer, they make her snort ecstasy and prostitutes proposition her for business. This definitely isn't a movie for kids. The movie also has Elizabeth Banks, Joel McHale, Maya Rudolph and Leslie David Baker. The film will be released on August 17th from STX Entertainment.