John Travolta shocks as mobster 'Gotti' in official trailer — watch

Actor John Travolta plays the real-life crime boss John Gotti in a new trailer for the upcoming movie, "Gotti."



The upcoming movie Gotti details infamous mobster John Gotti and his reputation in New York's organized crime, played by legendary actor John Travolta. The clip has all the attributes of a good gangster film. Scenes in prison, pledges of loyalty, an air of distrust, assassinations, and oaths to "build something." Travoltas real-life wife Kelly Preston even plays the classically tortured mob wife.

New York is the greatest city in the world, I was a kid in these streets and I made it to the top.


The movie is directed by Kevin Connelly who made a name for himself playing the character E on the hit HBO series Entourage. The film is slated for release on June 15th. The movie was originally going to be released in December but was pushed back due to a dispute with the distributor.