Star Wars: The Last Jedi spoiler free review

Star Wars: The Last Jedi could be argued as one of the absolute best Star Wars films. While the Force Awakens broke box office records, ushered in a new fan base and did everything Disney wanted the film to do, there was still an emptiness in all the true Star Wars fans. That emptiness is filled in all sorts of ways by Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi.

Alex Delape

To start, The Last Jedi has a very dark tone throughout the film. The film opens with an extremely emotional space battle. The films dark tone is paced by both Rey and Kylo Ren going through their own intense internal conflicts that makes their characters some of the most layered in the entire franchise. Kylo Ren was shown to be battling an internal conflict in the Force Awakens but now it is even more so in the Last Jedi. To try keep this spoiler free, Reys conflict is shown several times in the trailer as Kylo Ren tries to convince her to join him.

Something the original trilogy fans will appreciate is all the Luke Skywalker scenes showing a side we have never seen but have always known, along with a visit from an unexpected Jedi. By far the most surprising scene involves General Leia and it is something that the expanded universe fans will really appreciate.

Rian Johnson's middle chapter in the current Star Wars trilogy is the epic you've been looking for. Capped by Mark Hamill in the performance of his career, it points the way ahead to a next generation of skywalkers - and, thrillingly, to a new hope.

All in all, The Last Jedi actually answers who Reys parents are (Unsatisfying to some but it is pretty dark). The film also dives into what really happened to Lukes Jedi Academy and how Ben Solo became Kylo Ren. But in the end, like with most Star Wars movies, you will be left with even more unanswered questions.