Tarantino wants to direct a Star Trek film

Quentin Tarantino and J.J. Abrams might be teaming up for a Star Trek collaboration, and we don't really know what to expect.

Emily Treadgold

Two of the biggest names in Hollywood are in talks for a Star Trek movie, but they won't say anything until they have a script that they both approve of. While this is still in the very early stages, it's a high priority for Paramount. Tarantino has been noted as a huge fan of the series, and he often makes nods to the franchise in his other films.

Tarantino's pitch - if it's anything like what he describes in the interview - would seem to revolve around the Next Generation Season 3 episode "Yesterday's Enterprise." One of the best episodes in the franchise's history, it deals with time travel and alternate realities, forcing Picard and his crew to choose between altering the timeline to save the mysteriously reappeared USS Enterprise-C, throwing the quadrant into war, or saving the timeline and dooming that ship and her crew. A classic trolley-problem episode, only with significantly higher stakes.

The most recent Star Trek Star Trek Beyond, was directed by Justin Lin and didn't do so hot at the box office. Tarantino is also busy with his next project, his ninth movie, which will be about 1969 and will involve the Manson Family murders. Abrams is working on pre-production for the next Star Wars, Star Wars: Episode IX. It'll be interesting to see if this project comes to fruition.