Spike Lee rumored to direct Spider-Man spin-off 'Nighthawk': report

It was highly rumored that Spike Lee would be working on the latest Spider-man spinoff Nightwatch, now it looks closer to being true.

Emily Treadgold

There are rumors circulating about another Spider-man spinoff, but this time it would be a Spike Lee-directedversion of Nightwatch for Sony. The rumors started swirling last September. Cheo Hodari Coker is currently working on the script for the project. With the highly-anticipated Venom starring Tom Hardy coming out soon, Sony is trying to get more spinoffs in the works. The only other official one at the moment is Silver & Black which has been delayed indefinitely.

Spike Lee is set to helm the film which will work off a script developed by Luke Cage showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker. Sony Executive Vice President Palak Patel is supervising the films development.

Nightwatch follows the story of Doctor Kevin Trench, he witnesses a future version of himself die in the Nightwatch costume. The Nightwatch suit is a key component of the character and has high-tech abilities. There are no details on the plot of the movie yet.