Anthony Hopkins just shared a bizarrely-erratic video of himself and you need to see it!

The Oscar-winning actor is clearly living his very best life, filming himself in what appears to be either a dancing routine or in a one-man chase scene in his house, with the music included.

Kahron Spearman

Go figure Anthony Hopkins, social media star.


The 80-year-old Oscar winning actor shared a wonderfully strange video of himself moving wildly to a fast-paced movie chase styled music.


The eccentric 32-second clip is now viral, with millions of views, thousands of comments and retweets. 


The Westworld actor gave almost no explanation for the video, except a playful caption.

This is what happens when you're all work and no play...

Anthony Hopkins

Everyone had comments on what's sure to make meme status in short order.


One comment read, "With all due respect, Sir Anthony, that is THE single most peculiar thing I've seen all day."


Another wrote: "That video of Anthony Hopkins dancing is scarier than the whole Hannibal franchise."


He's having fun on social media, slowing figuring out the ins and outs. Recently, Hopkins posted a photo of himself posing behind a monster chocolate egg on Easter Day, as well as a video of himself playing piano in Oxford.