New York Jets


Tennessee Titans

Mariota meets Decker.

The Tennessee Titans have added another weapon for Marcus Mariota, signing Eric Decker, previously a New York Jet’s wide receiver. Decker called the union a “kind of a perfect storm,” in an official release regarding his new contract. The new arrangements puts Decker in a great position: from the woebegone New York Jets, to a playoff-potential offensive dynamic in Tennessee.

6′ 3″
213 LB
97 KG

13.6 YDS/ATT

42 TDS

55.2 YDS/G

“I am excited about Marcus Mariota and the young talent he is. He’s a big guy, and he throws a great ball. He is very accurate, and he uses his feet and gets out of the pocket and throws.”

Eric Decker
on playing with Mariota