Ronda Rousey destroys 2 WWE Superstars on Raw

Showing significant improvement over her previous Raw appearances, Rousey made extremely quick work of tag-team contenders Absolution.

Kahron Spearman

Per usual for Monday Night Raw, general manager Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey addressed the crowd, playing up her feud with Stephanie McMahon. The former UFC champion called her "trust fund tough," and that "ripping her arm out of its socket" would be part of the upcoming Wrestlemania festivities. 

Absolution came out to make an offer, inviting Rousey to join the faction. Rousey, of course, declined, causing Mandy Rose and Sonia Deville to jump into the ring.  

Rousey one-pieced Deville then blocked a Rose kick and suplexed her directly onto her beaten partner. 

This was exactly what this feud needed to reinject excitement. Triple H and McMahon were simply brilliant in their delivery and Rousey looked much more impressive and believably dangerous than her online skirmish with Dana Brooke that was held back from the Raw broadcast.

After Angle raises her arm, Rousey turns around in time to hip-toss Rose into her signature armbar. Angle pleads with her to yield, and Rousey - looking the part of a monster, stare and all - eventually does. 

Looking at the broader picture of Rousey's development, the set-up and action displayed definitive improvement, with her also being put in better positions to use her strengths.